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We’re a Resource for You – If you are a builder with existing or planned communities styled for today’s 55 and older adults, we can help. The growing demand in this market segment has driven plenty of choices for today’s Active Adults. Make sure that they choose YOUR development. Leverage the knowledge and experience we have built into our successful properties and apply it to your benefit.

Our Special Focus – Building accessible, one-level ranch homes accompanied by the on-site amenities crucial to the Active Adult segment is our special focus. Our existing properties have been wildly successful because we have learned the “science” of building, marketing, and selling what the Baby Boomer generation demands.

Finding the best combination – As a builder, are you optimizing these crucial elements? Effective clubhouse design, elegant facilities, useful recreation, energetic trails . . . the list goes on. In successful communities, this special combination of amenities has to be balanced by affordability and low maintenance, and wrapped in a safe, secure environment. Our existing Active Adult properties are proof that this concept can be successful and profitable. Explore how we can bring this to your project.

Profitability – Building in the amenities AND the affordability that this market segment demands is difficult. Without a “roadmap” of what works and without salespeople trained specifically for this segment, a builder may be exposed to excessive risk. Active Adult Properties can provide you with that “roadmap.” Our successful experiences can be leveraged by builders for effective planning, marketing, and sales. Here is how we can help:

Sales – Our network of Agents, trained to connect with Active Adults can work directly in support of your community. Let us help you sell your property.

Marketing – Get the good news about your development out directly through Active Adult Properties network of marketing resources. This can include: proven advertisement styles, forms, and practices

  1. referrals from our salespeople and builders
  2. directly on our website
  3. from our properties’ advertisements marketing planning and schedules appropriate to your building plan

Training – Cross-train your existing salespeople to specialize in connecting with the 55-plus market. The Active Adult Properties agents’ method can be taught in a delivery style that we will tailor to your specific needs as a builder.

Consulting – Refine the building plan for your planned communities. Using Active Adults Properties as your consulting resource minimizes risk. Share your market goals and building schedule with us, then leverage our experience. For example:

  1. What balance of small to large properties works best for your plan?
  2. What do Active Adults in your region and market demographic want?
  3. What floor plans work best in which community subtypes?
  4. What aspects of low maintenance are most important in a 1200 square foot Ranch Condo?

Our consulting services can be engaged affordably in several plans, depending upon your needs. Contact us directly for a quick, friendly assessment.